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Welcome to your Math Attax!  A fun maths game!

If you want to turbo charge your mental maths skills you’ve come to the right place with one of the best maths game, in our opinion the best maths game!

3 things we believe about Maths:

Maths should be fun!

Maths should be an adventure!

Maths should be for everyone!

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What is Math Attax?

In 3 words:

A fun game!

In more than 3 words:

It’s a game where you battle your opponents and the clock to get to your target score.

You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even realise that you’ve become super sharp at maths

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How to play Math Attax

How to play in 3 simple steps

Step 1:
There’s a target at the bottom centre of the game area- that’s the score you need  to get to.

Step 2:
Move your player up and down using the up and down keys

Step 3:
Press ‘Fire’ to claim a number in the mathematical mode that you are in.

Each time you hit see your score update.  First one to the score wins! But beware the clock.

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Maths is fun

Maths is fun and here are 3 ways to play math attax

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Math is fun and that’s the best way to learn.  Have you ever played a game that you enjoyed and just learnt lots of things, it doesn’t feel like work because it’s so much fun.  That’s why we created mathattax, we want you to have fun and enjoy maths!  There’s a whole range of customisation available on this app so tune it to your specific needs.   We hope you have fun with this maths app.

Make Maths Fun!

We want everyone to love Maths – have fun with this game!